One of my favorite photo opportunities is from underneath the gun barrels of a battleship. Task Force 1 is pleased to present a gallery of these unique pictures...and from some other ships too!

The Photos

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USS Alabama

g-alabamabow.jpg (26610 bytes) g-alabamastern.jpg (25946 bytes)

USS Missouri

g-missouri.jpg (26671 bytes)

USS North Carolina

g-northcarolinabow.jpg (25684 bytes) g-northcarolinastern.jpg (29232 bytes)

USS Texas

g-texasbow.jpg (29305 bytes) g-texasstern.jpg (25349 bytes)

USS Wisconsin

g-wisconsinbow1.jpg (24083 bytes) g-wisconsinbow2.jpg (26624 bytes) g-wisconsinbow3.jpg (19637 bytes) g-wisconsinbow4.jpg (18452 bytes)

g-wisconsinstern.jpg (29690 bytes)

USS Kidd

g-kiddbow.jpg (39746 bytes) g-kiddstern.jpg (35396 bytes)

USS Laffey

g-laffeybow.jpg (18726 bytes) g-laffeystern.jpg (23538 bytes)

USCG Ingham

g-inghambow.jpg (22156 bytes)

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